• Accentuate the positives in my students

  • Provide learning that can be applied to real life situations

  • Collaborate with local healthcare professionals to increase the knowledge and experience of my students

In all of my classes I promise to:

As part of The Academy of Science, Research, & Medicine, Allied Health & Medicine offers students the opportunity to develop knowledge in multiple healthcare fields.  The standards in this pathway are adjusted to meet student interests, as well as offer clinical site and classroom simulated experiences.  The students choose their pathway standards based on the following:

  • Cardiology

  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine

  • Dentistry 

  • Dietary 

  • Emergency 

  • Imaging 

  • Medical Lab Services

  • Medical Office Assistant

  • Mental Health

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Public Health & Epidemiology

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Respiratory 

  • Surgical

Please note:  All students in this pathway must take Intro and Essentials of Healthcare as prerequisites.


of the


Year at a Glance!
Course Schedule:  Spring 2018

1 Block:    Patient Care Fundamentals

2 Block:    Allied Health & Medicine

3 Block:    Intro to Healthcare

                  "D" Lunch

4 Block:    Planning

Sam Burger

I chose Sam Burger as my Student of the Month for February 2019.  Sam is such an inspiriting student.  He not only has confidence in himself, but he sees the best and has confidence in all of his peers.  He demonstrates active listening and communicates well with everyone.  He maintains a positive attitude and is always lifting others up by his encouragement.  These traits, along with many others, are why I chose Sam as my student of the month.



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